Epic Pwnage

                The email popped up on screen. It was from gunnabdabest, a friend who had been talking on the Halo Forums. He was quite annoying when he chose to be.

                Hey, I’ll be in town next week, your town at least. Let’s meet and play some Reach together! It’ll be totally awesome man!

                Panic raced through their body, straight down to their fingertips as they started typing.

                I haven’t been completely honest with you, I’m sorry. In truth I am not a guy. I am a girl. Please forgive my dishonesty she reread the short-but-to-the-point email and moved the arrow to the send button.

                The lights in her room suddenly went out and her desk top shut down before she was able to click the button. In the back of her mind she knew that she should have gotten the power cable that allowed her computer to stay on for an extra thirty seconds to give her a chance to shut the computer down right.

                “Sorry Sally,” her mother called up the stairs. “Your father forgot to pay the bills. I hope you didn’t have anything important to do for a few days.”

                “This couldn’t get any better. Why are men so stupid?” Sally let her head fall and hit the keyboard.

                Sally’s head shot up and she looked around her room for her school bag. She spotted it across the room. Sally jumped from her chair, ran over to her bag and pulled out her Droid X. She pulled up the internet browser on her phone and logged into her account. Just as she was about to pull up a new email a new message on her phone popped up.

                Just got the tickets! See u next week!


-Next Week-

                Sally stood outside the gaming café where she was supposed to be meeting her friend, whose name turned out to be Dodge. The great picture window showed inside the café. He was already in there. He acted just like he did on the forums. Loud, obnoxious, and kind of bully like.

                “Alright Sally, go in there and tell him that you’re actually a girl and you’re sorry for lying to him.” Sally lifted her bag a little higher on her shoulder and marched into the café.

                She slowly moved towards Dodge trying to keep her courage about her. From what she knew about Dodge, he wouldn’t take being lied to very easily.

                “Whoa! There’s actually a girl in here!” Dodge walked up to her and started laughing. “You think that you can play Halo? I beg to differ,” Dodge sneered. A glare crossed Sally’s face as she looked at him. She put her hands on her hips and returned his sneer.

                “You mean to say that a female gamer isn’t as good as you?” Sally asked.

                “That’s what I’m saying,” Dodge answered. Sally’s glare darkened and Dodge and his friends started laughing at her.

                “Alright, I’ll make a deal with you and your pals over there. If I can beat you and your friends in a 4v1 then you admit that I am a hundred times better than you are, AND you’ll never be as good as a girl.” Dodge barked in laughter, it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

                “You’re on.” It only took a few moments before all 5 xboxs were set up.

                “Slayer on Corvette, you four are the red team. Everything goes. Armor abilities are all available and you have your weapon of choice,” Sally said.

                “One thing; what kind of gamertag is LittleButtKicker?” Sallt ignored Dodge. She had to use her younger sister’s gamertag. If she used hers, they all would have run away.

                Sally stood on top of her seat as she crossed her arms over her chest and looked down at the four boys who were bowing down to her.

                “Alright, now say it.”

                “You’re a hundred times better than us and we’ll never be as good as girls.” Sally grinned.

                “Very good,” Sally said as she hopped off her chair and onto the floor. “You just got your butts kicked by a girl, whose score was 25 times more than yours! I mean come on, 2 points to 50, I’ve seen better from my sister!” She turned her attention to packing up her things before anyone decided to steal something in the midst of her victory.

                “That last move you used, there’s another person who can pull that off. You’re TheGreatPretender aren’t you?” Dodge asked.

                “Yes, originally that’s what I came here to tell you,” Sally answered.

                “Will you be my girlfriend?” Sally stared at him and rolled her eyes. “Is that a yes?”

                “No, that was a roll of the eyes and me thinking your social skills are more pathetic than your Halo skills. By the way, you’ll never be the best. Now go away.” Sally grabbed her freshly packed things and left.

                “Dude, you just got pwnd.”


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