The Sound of Thunder

                Thunder rolled across the hills as the lightning flashed in arcs across the sky. People went about their day with umbrellas, cars, and depending on their age, rain boots.

                A single child with rain boots, a bright yellow rain coat, and a firemen’s helmet on burst out of their house and into the pouring rain.

                With a wide, giddy smile the child jumped into a large puddle in front of their house. Water jumped into the air and splashed back down a second later. The child was now covered in water, but that giddy smile was still there.

                Another puddle caught the child’s eyes. It was bigger, and it looked deeper too. It spanned across the road from curb to curb and drained down a too small storm drain, letting the water pool when it down poured. It was the perfect puddle.

                Without thinking the child ran into the road to jump in the puddle. Yellow boots parted the waters, creating waves and ripples that flew across the surface of the puddle. That giddy smile grew wider as the water flew into the air over and over.

                Thunder boomed again in the distance bringing with it a new sound.

                Bright lights filled the child’s eyes and screeching tires drowned out the thunder.


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