Prompt: take two masks and write from the perspective of one who is meeting the other. 10/23/10


            I hate parties.  At least I get to wear a mask, I am so glad Ginny decided this would be a masquerade.  A full blown costume party is too much work for the quests but a simple masquerade is nice.

            I have, you should know, a tasteful half-mask: no feathers, no frills.  My one concession to flair is that my mask is purple.

            Well, I have circled this room twice and have taken an appropriate sample from the appetizers and beverages.  I shall indulge this frivolous event no more than half an hour longer before I go.

            That man in the red mask, is he stalking me?  How gauche!  I suppose it is possible he is just circling the room in the same direction.  How strange his eyes are!  Forgive me, you must understand, I am not in the habit of staring at a strange man’s eyes – really! But the mask he has is quite compelling: red with two false eyes underneath that really only serve to accentuate the alluring real eyes above.  Hmmm, and I must admit it is classy to accessorize with sparkly pom-poms of purple!

            My, my, I must have sampled too deeply of the alcoholic beverages Ginny has set out.  Though in fairness, Ginny is not one to make a mistake in mixing her punch; and rally – half a glass should hardly make one giddy! 

            But oh, my, those eyes!

            Oh!  Good gracious, he’s caught me staring.  I am mortified.  My complexion is not suited to blushing.

            Oh, fiddle!  He’s coming over.  Drat, I can’t slip out of this corner without bumping into that horrid Winifred Evens – who told her she looked good in that vile yellow thing!  Oh, phoo!  He’s standing right next to me!

            Shit!  Help.

            “Oh, hello.”  Smile you idiot.  Don’t be rude to the handsome stranger.


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