JonathanI am an aspiring writer who hopes one day to be as prolific and prosperous as Jim Butcher, Mercedes Lackey and Patricia Briggs. On that note, I hope that by the time my books are being published I have a higher percentage of the profits for revenue thanks to self-publishing. I will turn 24 this month of November and am celebrating nearly two years out of college with a pretty secure job, which in this economy I know for the boon it is with my recent months of job hopping.

When asked by my parents who accept my rent, what I hoped to do with my life, I was tempted to return to school to get a degree with the assurance of a job. In the end however, I asked myself, who I saw myself as, and I said, I Am A Writer. I am not a writer of non-fiction or fiction, but of the denigrated genres of science fiction and fantasy, though I don’t delegate these genres to such lowly positions in literature like some in literary society. I hope to one day write a proper game to movie script adaptation as I think Jerry Bruckheimer should have stuck with the pirates.

I am currently very much into urban fantasy; though am a little confused by Stephanie Myer’s claim by her vampire characters that they’re monsters when everything about them is so graceful, beautiful and poised. If she wants to constantly label her vampires as monsters, she needs to stop romanticizing them, but that isn’t to say her books aren’t a gripping read. Her werewolves at least have the dignity to not label themselves as monsters, nor deny they are.

I enjoy good food, though I often find myself craving junk food, but I don’t promote binging despite my own girth. One shouldn’t pig out, or feel guilty or embarrassed at their form, but moderation and sampling will lead to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. I enjoy a good movie, even with excessive effects as long as they accentuate the story and not overwhelm it (Avatar worked, Star Wars I-III not so much.).

I am as much a reader as a writer as the walls in my bedroom can attest to my years as a reader. By the 6th grade I was labeled a book worm, and one of the first books I ever read was Watership Down that I still read to this day. I hope everyone enjoys reading what I wrote and I hope to do the same for my fellow writers.


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