My Favorite Time of Day… (An Evening at College)

My favorite time of day is dusk, when the light of the sun has all but left this world, but its warmth still lingers. The toils of the day are over and the dinner you have just eaten settles within you. It is a time of play and relaxation, where all the troubles in the world see so far away. The day is over and night has yet to come as you envision what you can get done before retiring to your bed.

You find yourself walking outside, letting the lingering warmth buoy you while the cool night air washes over you. The world around you seems so mysterious and inviting, not the subdued nature you feel the creeping dark would impose as you feel safe and free to chart your own course and walk your own path. With the stresses of the day gone, you are free to let your mind and body wander as you explore the depths of your consciousness and record your discoveries for all the world to see.

January 9, 2010


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